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  • "Viss lauksaimniekam", Ltd. "Pakavs"

    "Viss lauksaimniekam", Ltd. "Pakavs"

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  • Office+371 65122662
    Shop+371 65122653
    Saw service+371 28375911
    Jekabpils+371 65236076
    Working time
    • Sun-
    • Mon830-1800
    • Tue830-1800
    • Wed830-1800
    • Thu830-1800
    • Fri830-1800
    • Sat900-1500
    Livestock breeding, Agricultural equipment.
    Agricultural chemistry. Mineral fertilizers. Seeds. Livestock inventory.
    Farm equipment. Gardening equipment and service.
    New and used agricultural machinery.
    Herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, mineral fertilizers,
    mineral fertilizer, mineral fertilizers, fertilizer for crops,
    rapeseed, potatoes, autumn, spring, soluble,
    liquid, granular, NPK fertilizer, nitrogen, fertilizers,
    plant protection, seeds and seedlings, plant protection products,
    herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, stain,
    plant growth regulators, desiccants. Lawn production,
    installation, maintenance, lawn seeds, lawn, grass,
    lawn, grass, grass seeds, grass seed production,
    lawns, lawn, lawns, grass, grass seeds,
    wholesale, manufacturing, selling, greening,
    crop, oilseed rape, rye, barley, triticale, maize,
    vegetable and flower seeds, peat, substrate, flower,
    seedling land. Beekeeping, beekeeper's inventory, equipment,
    hives. Cattle feed, mineral additives, animal feed,
    mineral food, molasses, feed additives, agricultural chemistry,
    alkali, acid, farm disinfection, disinfection products
    for milk wires, milk tests, milk filters. FINKTEC,
    farm equipment, car park barriers, calf cages,
    feed table, bars, livestock scales, farm curtain,
    veterinary boxes, mobile calf feeders, cow brush,
    CORRAL, pumps COBRA, litter distributor,
    milking machines, drinker, pumps, feeder,
    field feeders, heated troughs, troughs,
    chains, boxes, ear tags, grain mills, roller,
    electric shepherd, shepherd cord, wire, tape, insulator,
    gate, fence sale, gates, fences, poles, fencings, gates,
    barriers, electric whip, sheep scissors.
    Forest and garden equipment service and maintenance, chainsaws,
    chainsaw, saw, saws, for saw, forestry equipment,
    gardening equipment, goods for gardening, snow, leaf blower, blowers,
    sprayer, sprayers, sprinkler, sprinklers, rider,
    riders, mini-tractors, mini-tractor, aerators, aerator,
    battery, batteries, generator, generators,
    diesel generator, diesel generators, fuel generator,
    fuel generators, engine, engines, compressor,
    compressors, brush cutters, brush cutter, power tools,
    high pressure washer, washers, scythe, scythes,
    trimmer cord, 2-stroke, 4-stroke engine, for hedge,
    hedge shears, welding, welding machines, battery charger,
    chargers, soil, for soil, mowing, chopping,
    chipper, garden technique, trimmer, trimmers,
    for trimmers, lawn mowers, lawn mower, saws,
    lawn tractors, batteries, battery. STIGA,
    CLABER, KARCHER. Work clothes, shoes, helmets,
    gloves, gardening equipment, tools, shovels, forks,
    rakes, hoes, shears, scissors, pliers, hoses,
    hose, flower pot net bags, watering nozzles,
    sprayers, films, agricultural film, bale wrapping film, nets,
    screws, bolts, plywood, barrels, bags, boxes,
    big-bag, anti bird, anti insect, anti wild boar.
    Tractor equipment, tractors, trailers, cultivators, harrows,
    plow, soil loosener, swather, tedders, wheels, peeler, plows,
    bale wrappers, liquid manure pumps, lagoon, manure storage,
    hydro hoses, pressing, lawn mowers, collector trailers,
    tractor service, maintenance, tractor electricians,
    farm equipment, drinkers, drinker, pumps,
    manure mixer, conveyors, transport, truck,
    grain transportation, bulk cargo delivery.
    agricultural, forestry and garden machinery spare parts.
    Trade of industrial goods. Transport services.
    Services all over Latvia. Good prices. All for farmer.